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Welcome to the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Information Systems Security Studies and Research (NPS CISR) website, located in Monterey, California.  CISR is America's foremost center for defense-related research and education in Information Assurance (IA), Inherently Trustworthy Systems (ITC), and defensive information warfare.

CISR's mix of highly experienced faculty and staff, along with its diverse student body comprising senior military officers, government employees and civilians, make it uniquely qualified to address security issues of the Department of Defense (DoD) and U.S. Government. Please explore our website and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

** Scholarships for US Citizens **

Scholarship For Service (SFS):  STEM and MONARCH Program for US Citizens Scholarship Information

Are YOU the missing piece to the puzzle?  Want to obtain a Master's degree, receive a salary while attending school, learn from the government's leading experts in the Information Assurance field, and begin a civilian career with an unlimited future? 

Then the Naval Postgraduate School's Center for Information Systems Security Studies and Research (CISR) is ready to lead you on the start of your new career in the STEM or MONARCH program.

The "Scholarship for Service" program DOES NOT entail enrollment in the Military. Selected applicants join our team for two years and discover their "inner geek."  Our NPS students are highly coveted by the nation's top Federal Agencies, such as the CIA, FBI, NSA, FDIC, Census Bureau, and many others.  Click for more information about Civilian Scholarships

Timeline Application Season Opens Application Deadline Student Notifications Visitor's Day Acceptance Deadline Arrival Date (Report In) Classes Start

Sept 2013

CLOSED Jul 15, 2013 Jul 19, 2013 N/A Jul 24, 2013 Sep 23, 2013 Sep 30, 2013

Jan 2014

CLOSED Oct 1, 2013 Oct 25, 2013 N/A Nov 1, 2013 Dec 30, 2013 Jan 6, 2014

July 2014

CLOSED Apr 1, 2014 Apr 19, 2014 N/A Apr 26, 2014 Jun 30, 2014 Jul 7, 2014

Sept 2014

CLOSED Apr 1, 2014 Apr 19, 2014 N/A Apr 26, 2014 Sep 22, 2014 Sep 29, 2014

** ** Cyber Security Certificates **
(for U.S. Government civilians and military personnel only)
Do you want to create a strong foundational understanding of computer network defense, vulnerabilities and exploitations?  Do you want to increase your knowledge and skills in a growing field?  Do you want to start your education journey towards a Masters degree from the comfort of your own home?  The Naval Postgraduate School is offering the Cyber Security Certificates through asynchronous distance learning.   Earn a Graduate Certificate in six months that may be applicable to future Masters degrees. Click here for more details.

 "CISR has developed an
 outstanding and comprehensive
 IA curriculum."

- Naval Inspector General

CyberCIEGE is an innovative computer-based tool that teaches computer and network security through simulation and resource management. CyberCIEGE is an ideal vehicle to meet IA training and awareness requirements.

Visit CyberCIEGE Website

See who uses CyberCIEGE

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