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The Computer Security Track offers a comprehensive educational package that covers the concepts, issues, theories, and technologies that affect the secure processing, transference, and storage of digital information. Track courses begin with foundational information assurance (IA) topics, then progress to more in-depth coverage of such specialized areas as: certification and accreditation, databases, networks, secure system design, and formal methods. NPS has been twice certified by the National Security Agency as a Center of Excellence in IA Education, largely as a result of the curriculum provided in this track. The Computer Security Track is supported by the Center for Information Systems Security Studies and Research (CISR).

Thesis Requirements:
The following documents describe NPS Policy (Thesis Policy), required Security Track procedures (Thesis Guidelines) as well as samples, templates and tips for theses. Students are responsible for understanding and conforming to the Policy and Guidelines.

   Thesis Guidelines / Thesis Policy / Sample Thesis Proposal / Thesis Proposal Template / John Powers' (ECE Dept) Thesis Tips

The Computer Security Track consists of:

Note that since CS3600 - Introduction to Information Assurance (IA): Computer Security is a department wide core requirement it is taken by all students in the Computer Security Track, as well as all students in all other tracks.

Required Track Courses
The following 4 courses are required for the Computer Security Track: Computer Security Specialization Sequences
There are 6 Computer Security Specialization Sequences, each of which consists of 4 courses.

Security Requirements and Analysis - Computer Network Operations - Exploitation and Crime – Forensics - Intrusion Detection and Response – Network Security - * Note: Completion of these courses, along with their prerequisites and certain other core courses, will earn the student up to five NSTISSI certificates (4011, 4012, 4013, 4014, 4015). For information about these certificates visit The Certification Page. CS4680 and CS4685 are taken concurrently as a single (3-2) course.

This matrix is a representative course of study for a student seeking an MS in computer science with a specialization in computer security. Candidates for the Ph.D. degree in computer science may select a dissertation topic in the area of computer network security. See the CS Ph.D. webpage for the requirements leading to a Doctoral degree in Computer Science

Quarter 1
CS-2020 (4-2)
Introduction to Objects & Programming
CS-2011 (4-0)
Computing Systems Principles
CS3000 (4-1)
Great Principles of Computing Technology
MA-3025 (4-1)
Logic & Discrete Math
Quarter 2
CS-3021 (4-2)
Introduction to Data Structures & Intermediate Programming
CS-3600 (4-2)
Introduction to Computer Security
CS-3101 (4-0)
Theory of Formal Languages & Automata
OS-3307 (4-1)
Modeling Practices for Computing
CS-4900 (0-2)
Technology & Transformation I
Quarter 3
CS-3070 (3-2)
Operating Systems
CS-3502 (4-2)
Computer Comms & Networks
CS-3310 (4-1)
Artificial Intelligence
CS-3150 (4-0)
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CS-4901 (0-2)
Technology & Transformation II
Quarter 4
CS-3113 (3-2)
Introduction to Compiler Writing
CS-3022 (4-2)
Programming Paradigms
CS-3060 (3-1)
Database Systems
SW-3460 (3-1)
Software Methodology
Quarter 5
CS-3004 (3-2)
Human – Computer Interaction
CS4600 (3-2)
Secure Computer Systems
CS3670 (3-2)
Secure Management of Systems
JPME Course or IA Track Elective  
Quarter 6
Thesis Research
CS3690 (4-2)
Network Security
CS4605 (3-1)
Security Policies, Models & Formal Methods
JPME Course or IA Track Elective  
Quarter 7
Thesis Research
Specialization Sequence Requirement Specialization Sequence Requirement JPME Course or IA Track Elective  
Quarter 8
Thesis Research
Specialization Sequence Requirement Specialization Sequence Requirement JPME Course or Thesis Research  

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